Week 3. Chilli Con Carne

What to cook for week three following the success of the Spanish Bake?  Chilli of course!

For years I have been using the Coleman’s Spice mixes for Chilli, even going as far as having my mum post some out to Finland when I lived in Helsinki. This annoyed Royal Mail, my mum, and my best friend who said “don’t use a packet, Chilli’s easy, you just use…” and then reeled off a list of spices so long she had to pause for breath.

Well now I’ve made a chilli with ingredients, courtesy of the Hairy Bikers:

Hairy Bikers 1

This time, the first book they brought out:  The Hairy Bikers’ Family Cookbook, Mums know best!

I’ve got a confession.  I have owned this book for ever and had never cooked from it… I’d used it to lean on when sewing a patch into my jeans to keep it flat, so my copy has pin pricks all over the back.

It takes ages to cut everything up, and maybe I had the heat up too high, so I had to add more water part way through – so maybe I didn’t have wet enough veg?

I had never cooked with chilli peppers before, and as a baptism of fire the recipe calls for bird’s eye chillies which are the hottest my local Sainsbury’s sell.  I’m not sure if I’d want to make it with hotter ones, I get hiccups for ages after eating hot food – much to the amusement of my Lover.

Chilli Con Carne

It was really nice, I added a new spice to add to the cupboard (Cumin – never used that before) and although the recipe said it was for two, it seemed to make enough for three large-ish portions, so I froze the spare and we had it on baked potatoes.  It came out better the second time I made it.

I’ll make this a lot more during the winter – it’s warming and comforting.

The Hairy Bikers’ Family Cookbook Mums Know Best (by Si King & Dave Myres Weidenfeld & Nicolson ISBN: 978 0 29786 026 6)


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