Week 4. Burger Night!

Who here hasn’t tossed a burger?

I must have flipped a million of them while I worked at McDonalds, but I’d never made my own.  I was having a lazy week, and while I spent the week planning to cook something else for New Recipe Night I opted for a basic, no-nonsense hamburger recipe from the Cupboard Love book.

It’s very simple.  It’s beef mince.  I went to my local butcher for some good quality mince and got stuck in and was so impressed by the burgers – I have introduced ‘burger night’ into most weeks.

burger night

To make four burgers you will need 500g of beef mince, half a teaspoon of salt and a pinch of black pepper.  Nothing else.

Combine the mince with the salt and pepper, and form in to burgers about 2mm thick.  Heat a heavy based frying pan/griddle and put the burgers on when it is searing hot.  Cook each side for about 6 minutes which leaves them a little pink in the middle – which is just perfect.

The hardest bit off this recipe is timing the oven chips and toasting the bun so everything is ready to serve at once.

I used normal white flowery baps from Sainsbury’s, lightly toasted on the cut side, oven chips (Tom Norrington-Davies recommends oven chips, although he provides a recipe if you absolutely must make your own; however I prefer Aunt Bessie’s) a slice of mature cheese from Sainsbury’s (I go for the Taw  Valley strength 4, or normal strength 5 cheddar) and some Scandinavian mustard that I picked up at the Scandi Kitchen (but French’s squirty mustard would do too).

It’s really filling and a firm favourite over the last few weeks.  Just a word about the meat you use though – I get mine from the butcher who minces it from a bit of meat while you wait (so as not to have a load of mince sat around) and when it fries there is no splatter and it has a really deep beefy flavour.  The other week I got caught out by the butcher having half day closing on Thursday and had to get the mince from the supermarket and the burgers shrank because of all the water added and as the water left the meat it splattered all over my kitchen, and didn’t taste very nice.  If you can, go to the butcher – the price is more or less the same and it’s much much tastier.

Sure burgers aren’t healthy in the classic sense of the word, but these are much better for you than buying ready made ones, or from a takeaway, so give it a go and add Burger Night to your week!


Cupboard Love by Tom Norrington-Davies (Hodder & Stoughton 2005 ISBN 0 340 83525 5)

cupboard love



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