Week 77: Smashed-up Chicken with Garlic & Chilli Pasta

I still can’t find baby leeks.  So to console myself I savagely beat some chicken breasts after work.

This recipe from the Blue Hairy Bikers book is great for when you’ve had a hard day at work, or been on the District Line, or just need to hit something. Unlike the chicken schnitzel recipe where you give the chicken a bit of a tap, this chicken gets the your full wrath.

This recipe serves 4 – 6, and I reckon it’d be great for a summer party (maybe with cous cous instead of the pasta).  To make this you will need: 2 large chicken breasts (skinned and boned), 3tbs plain flour, olive oil, 150g fresh wild mushrooms, 150ml dry white wine, 75ml chicken stock, 2 garlic cloves, 1tbs chopped tarragon, 1tbs lemon juice, finely grated zest of 1 lemon, 2tbs capers, 2tbs creme fraiche, parsley, 250g pasta, 1tbs chile flakes, 2 garlic cloves, and Parmesan as a garnish (I forgot).


I live in London and was unable to find wild mushrooms so I just used normal ones. I could have tried foraging in the park, but they’d probably be hallucinogenic.  You should cut the mushrooms up.  Put the chicken breasts between two sheets of clingfilm and thrash it with a rolling pin until it’s really thin then tear it into shreds.  Season the flour with some salt and pepper and roll the bits of chicken in it.


Fry the chicken pieces in 2tbs of olive oil until golden brown and cooked, then take them out of the pan and set them aside on a warmed plate.  Fry the mushrooms in the chicken-y oil then when they’re cooked put them on the plate with the chicken.



Deglaze the pan with the chicken stock and white wine, then keep stirring until it comes to the boil.  After a couple of minutes add the crushed garlic, tarragon, lemon juice and lemon zest and cook for another could of minutes.  Add the capers then take the pan off the heat and whisk in the creme fraiche. Tip the chicken and mushrooms back into the pan to heat back up.  Mix it round to cover the chicken and mushroom in the sauce.


While the mushroom is cooking tip the pasta into some well salted boiling water.  Once the chicken and mushrooms are back in with the sauce heat 2tbs of oil and fry the chilli flakes and 2 more cloves of crushed garlic in a small frying pan for a couple of minutes.  Drain the pasta once it’s cooked and stir in the chilli and garlic-y oil, with another tablespoon of oil. Serve with salad.


We really liked this! I’ve never flour-ed then fried anything before, it was crispy and a nice change from everything else I’ve made.  I don’t think I’d always make it with the garlic pasta, but I definitely would make the rest of it again!


The Hairy Bikers’ Family Cookbook Mums Still Know Best (by Si King & Dave Myres Weidenfeld & Nicolson ISBN: 978 1 4072 3380 2)

mums still know best

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