Week 80: Rib-Sticking Stir-Fry

Wham! And the dinners cooked! It’s been a while since I stir-fried anything, despite getting my wok out all the time.  We went off to a wedding at the weekend, and needed to have one last healthy meal so I could button my jacket! And no carbs so I was bound to loose 9 stone over night.  The pictures are a bit blurry this time, I was a tiny bit drunk when I got round to cooking…

To rustle this up for 2 you will need: wok oil, 300g chicken/turkey breast (cut into thin strips), 300g stir-fry chopped vegetables (I didn’t get the one with beansprouts), 60ml (4tbs) soy sauce, 60ml (4tbs) Chinese cooking wine, 1 400g tin cannellini beans (drained), chopped fresh coriander/parsley (obviously I missed this out)

Heat 2tbs of oil in your wok, and when it’s fairly hot throw your meat in and toss it around until it starts to turn colour.


Once it tools like it’s sealed put the veg in and push it around until it starts to soften.  Add the cooking wine and soy sauce.



Add the beans when the sauce starts to fizz and mix it all together so the beans get covered. Serve straight away and sprinkle with the herbs.


It takes longer to cut the meat up than to cook the entire meal.  We liked it so much we had it again during the week, although that time I got the stir-fry veg with the beansprouts and it was just a bit of a wet mess compared to the first time.  Nigella says that the soy sauce gives the meat a brown-ish glaze, but it it didn’t really – although for a change it actually looked like the picture!


This is a delicious recipe. The beans were amazing, I didn’t notice not having any carbs but I definitely did notice only having one pan to wash!  The flavour wasn’t strong strong, but you could taste all the different flavours and the wine was surprisingly delicate.  I’ve decided to make this regularly, the speed and the high protein content makes it ideal to whip up on gym night.

Try this tonight!

Nigella Express, by Nigella Lawson (Chatto & Windus 2007 ISBN 9780701181840)

nigella express

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  1. Welcome to Fiesta Friday. I love Nigella Lawson’s recipes, and this one looks amazing with all the flavors and textures. Great too that carbs aren’t part of the recipe, I’m desperately trying to cut back on those. I imagine the beans made up for that, which is always good. Thanks for bringing this dish along to the Fiesta 🙂

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