Week 86: Naan Pizza

A really quick recipe, but I don’t know how I’ve managed without a it all my life.  I like pizza, my favourites are from pizza express, but buying ones to cook at home are a bit hit and miss, and I’ve always shied away from making my own… Until now!

I have used the toppings Nigella recommended for the first try, but I’m going to try other toppings next time I make them.

For each pizza you will need: 1 shop-bought naan (plain flavoured), 2tsp tomato pulp (I made the pulp by squeezing tinned tomatoes like I did on the tomatoey pasta, but Nigella said something about being able to get jars of it), 70g drained mixed mushrooms antipasto from a jar, 75g fontina cheese roughly chopped, thyme (which I forgot as usual).

If you can’t find fontina cheese (which I couldn’t) you can use Gruyere or Gouda – or I imagine any hard-ish cheese that makes you think of mountains.

The beauty of this recipe is that it is so unbelievably quick, the bit that takes the longest is heating the oven. So put that on first so it can get to 220c/gas 7 by the time you’re ready to put the pizza in.


If you don’t have a jar of it, strain and squeeze a tin of tomatoes, and spread 2tsp of the pulp over each naan (put each naan onto a lined oven tray).


Drain the mushrooms and lob them on the naans. Roughly chop up the cheese, and place it in the gaps between the mushrooms – don’t put it too close to the edge though or it will fall off.  Nigella says to strew the finished pizza with thyme leaves stripped from the stalks… But I forgot.


Cook the pizzas in the oven for 5 minutes and serve when the cheese is bubbling.



These are the best pizzas ever to come out of my oven.  I feel that they’re healthy although I imagine they’re not… The naans have a great texture, much better than a pizza base and not bread-y. Other toppings would all need to be deli-ish things or stuff that you can eat raw because 5 minutes won’t be long enough to cook things like raw meat.  Bravo Nigella: a quick, easy, delicious tea!


Nigella Express, by Nigella Lawson (Chatto & Windus 2007 ISBN 9780701181840)

nigella express


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