Week 84: Courgette Frittatas

Ladies and Gentlemen, my first frittata! Well actually it’s not. I thought it would be until I got further down the instructions and found that this recipe is seemingly for a load of mini frittatas. This recipe is from the good granny cookbook, so there are no pictures to aim at – but I’d seen one once in the staff canteen so I knew I should be aiming for a sort of greenish wobbly discus.  Can you tell I let my lover choose this weeks recipe?


Week 83: Egg Stuffed Tomatoes

I genuinely love the book, right from the moment I first found it in TK Maxx in 2012. It’s so well presented, and inventive, and all the dishes look delicious. Other than an unsuccessful batch of scones I’ve never actually cooked anything, until now.


Week 65: Eggs Poached in Red Wine

Gosh what a year! I’ve somehow managed to make something new every week (admittedly some of them have been horrible) and I managed to finish the year by hitting 6000 views. Hurrah! So to start the new year in the same vein as the old, I’m kicking off New Recipe Night 2015 with a dish that looks like I’ve carried out a back alley organ transplant.

I’ve used Matt Tebbutt’s Cooks Country a few times over the last year, and if I lived more rurally than London Zone 2 I’d use it a whole lot more.  Fortunately I managed to find spinach and eggs in darkest hammersmith, the great hunter that I am.

Here’s a recipe that is cheaper to make for 4 than it is for 2, which is quite unusual.  For four you will need: 150g bacon (cut into chunky lardons), 150g button mushrooms (cut in half), 1 onion (peeled and chopped), 50g unsalted butter, 1 bottle of deep red wine (I think I used Shiraz), 250ml beef consommé/stock, 4 bags of baby leaf spinach, 4 large free range eggs, red wine vinegar, 1 bay leaf, and 4 slices of fried bread to serve.


Fry the lardons, mushrooms and onion in butter until golden, pour in a glass of red wine and reduce right down.


Add the stock and reduce by half. Put the lid on and take off the heat.  In a small saucepan start warming up the red wine.


Heat a large empty sauce pan and then thoroughly wash the spinach, season the spinach in the sieve and then lob it into the pan with only the water that’s still on the leaves.  Heat until just wilted, then keep warm off the heat.


The wine should have reached a rolling egg-poaching bubbly pre-boil, if that makes sense?  Add a splash of red wine vinegar and the bay leaf.   Gently swirl the wine and gently drop the eggs in to poach for about 4 minutes.  Remove each egg and drain on kitchen roll, season the top (I forgot this bit)


Serve the eggs on a pile of spinach, with some of the bacon garnish spooned over in an artistic way.


It was very tasty, I’ll definitely make it again – especially if I have guests for a cozy supper.  Learning to make fried bread was just plain dangerous, and I’ll probably be admitted to a fat camp by midsummer; but the fried bread really added to the dish giving it a varied texture.  The egg didn’t taste very wine-y, but the sauce did – I think rather than using a whole bottle you could put the glass in the sauce, and one in with the eggs and drink the rest; but the eggs probably won’t have the kidney-theft look about them.

I think the only actual downside to this recipe is that with the fried bread it needs four pans; which is a lot for a small meal – but sometimes a meal is worth a mountain of washing up (not one yours though Mr Oliver!)

Happy New Year everyone!  Thank you to all my shiny new readers and weary regulars; stay tuned for more adventures in my little kitchen in 2015.


Matt Tebbutt Cooks Country, by Matt Tebbutt (Mitchell Beazley 2008, ISBN 978-1-84533-371-3)